About Our Dance Classes

All our classes are taught in a ‘dance play’ genre and at 30 minutes long, are the perfect length to keep those little minds focused before their attention wanders. Our classes are delivered in a fun, non-pressurised environment, making it stress-free for both the kids and parents.

We completely understand about dealing with the daily ups and downs with little kids, and the constant juggle of work, home and family commitments. If you are looking to ‘try before you buy’, simply register online HERE and request a FREE trial class at your most convenient venue and a member of our staff will be in touch to make arrangements for you join in the fun.


1 years – 2 years

At such a young age these tiny dancers are so full of energy and imagination and are naturally rhythmic, and this is most apparent when they feel safe and comfortable. They are still “learning to learn” and do this most effectively through observation, imitation and play. As they often don’t like to be far from their parents or carer, we ask their accompanying adult to actively participate in the lessons. Be prepared to put your best foot forward and wiggle, giggle, float, jive, sing and laugh alongside your tiny dancer/twirler – you may even find your own inner starlet!

This class incorporates imaginative dance play, imagery and props. We incorporate simple problem-solving movement activities that encourage basic attention building and listening skills. Their gross motor skills and coordination are enhanced and their balance strengthened. This approach provides a fun, safe learning environment where your child will be encouraged to move from parent-supported participation, to active, independent interaction.


2 years – 3 years

Children of this age group love routine and knowing what comes next. Simple dance stories are learnt and played out, and very basic steps are introduced and repeated (and then probably demonstrated at home in the kitchen!). Classes still stay very much in the dance-play genre but are starting to take on a bit more structure. A variety of music and imagery is used to keep those little minds buzzing.

Some of our tiny dancers may still want mum and dad with them. We are more than happy for parents and carers to still participate alongside their child, but we try to encourage our tiny dancers to grow their social skills so that they begin to have the in-built confidence to step away from their parents/carers and stand proudly on their own twinkle toes. If you have an independent tiny dancer on your hands already, parents and carers are still encouraged to stay and watch the classes and we hope that it becomes a talking point later on in their day that you can share with them.


3 years – 5 years

Physical, social and emotional confidence starts to boom at this age, and emotions often run very close to the surface. For some pre-schoolers, this can often lead to a ‘feast or famine’ when it comes to participation, and is to be expected. We encourage the kids to now participate in the class by themselves however parents and carers are encouraged to stay and watch the classes and we hope that it becomes a talking point later on in their day that you can share with them.

This class builds on the basic dance story routines that were delivered in the younger age group, incorporating more structured steps and very basic choreography. Repetition is the key and through repeating things, your child is able to take in new information each time. They find it familiar and comforting. As their speech develops, terminology for different steps are starting to be introduced. Emphasis is on effort and participation not necessarily accuracy at this point.

Just remember, you know your child best and it’s very important that children aren’t encouraged to embark on anything for which they aren’t mentally or physically ready.


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