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Term 1:
Friday 27th January – Thursday 6th April (10 Wks)

Term 2:
Wednesday 26th April – Friday 30th June (10 Wks)

Term 3:
Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September (10 Wks)

Term 4:
Tuesday 10th October – Friday 8th December (9 Wks)

Yes! FREE trial classes are available, simply register online for free and you can request a FREE trial class through your online account with the click of a few buttons. Once submitted, the office will come back to you with your confirmation and all the info you need to know for your visit with us. If the class is full you can sign up to our wait list.

Please find the full list of venues and their timetables with current availablity via a class manager booking system

Yes please! You can register your child online at any time and create your own My Tiny Dancer account. This account allows you to book a class, request a trial class, book a makeup lessons and manage your personal information. You will NOT be charged anything until you book a class through your ‘My Account” section. Any technical issues or help required, please contact the office on info@www.mytinydancer.com.au or phone 0413 768 347

All information regarding class and registration/membership fees can be found here here.

YES! We are a registered provider for both Active and Creative kids. All you need to do is Register your details on our website https://www.mytinydancer.com.au/register

Then email us on info@www.mytinydancer.com.au with your voucher details as listed below. Upon successful redemption of your voucher we will provide you with a single use coupon code that can be applied at checkout when you make your online booking.

  • Your Child’s Full Name (as listed on the voucher)
  • Their date of birth
  • Their voucher number
  • The Day/Age group of the class you wish to attend

More details regarding active kids available HERE

More details regarding Creative kids available HERE

All contact information can be found here

Refunds or credits cannot be made for classes that are missed post-enrolment. However, students may take a ‘make-up’ lesson within a comparable class, at any stage whilst you are currently enrolled. They do not expire provided you redeem your Make-up lessons in a term that you are currently enroled in. Makeup lessons must be booked in advance and can be done via the dashboard of your My Tiny Dancer online profile. Any problems simply email the office on info@www.mytinydancer.com.au.

A drink bottle
Something comfortable to dance in a tutu, dress or active clothing are all suitable. 
Footwear suitable to dance in
Lots of energy and a big smile!

Short answer: no.

Purchasing the My Tiny Dancer Tutu or T-Shirt is completely optional . As parents ourselves, we understand the ‘getting dressed battles’ that happen at this age and we don’t want to make your day any harder than it needs to be. Some children like to associate dance class with a particular item of clothing which is why we have the My Tiny Dancer tutus and t-shirts available for purchase* however if  they are channeling ‘Princess Elsa’ or ‘Catboy’ that day we embrace that. Just ensure that your child can move freely and safely in their chosen outfit.

*at present we are unable to source the My Tiny Dancer tutu due to COVID supply issues

A lot of preschooler dancers really look forward to getting their first pair of dance shoes but as parents we know how fast their feet grow! It is not mandatory that the children wear ballet shoes to lessons. A soft, flexible soled shoe, that has an element of grip, is sufficient and all our venues have floors suitable for grip socks or bare feet as well. Your child needs to be able to run, skip, jump and turn safely and even with all that care we know there will be times when they land on their bottoms after attempting the above! Several stores offer dance shoes.

We actually require you to be present for the duration, we always allow for the whole family to join us.  

Our tiniest dancers (1years – 2 years) active parent participation is required, and for those pregnant mums, our tutors are always there to lend you a hand. Often that first lesson can be a bit daunting, and the bravado that your child displays at home can quickly disappear once they are in a class situation. If having mum, dad, pa or auntie attend helps them to find that inner bit of courage to participate, then we are all for it. We just ask that parents and guardians keep chatter to a minimum so our Tiny Dancers can focus.

In most cases YES, Due to the latest  COVID-19 restrictions we do have to limit class numbers in certain venues so if you need to bring a sibling with you just drop the office an email on info@www.mytinydancer.com.au to ensure we can cater for you.

We understand that being a parent/carer to more than one child can be a juggle at the best of times and we understand that brothers or sisters may need to be brought along to lessons. Only children that are enrolled can participate in lessons, however, we are very sympathetic to the needs of a growing family and the challenges that it can sometimes present. The entrance to each venue is pram, sibling and breastfeeding friendly, and either have a break out area, or a playground attached to try to make your juggle that little bit easier.

Our tutors are trained in First Aid and there is a First Aid kit onsite at all classes with basic needs such as plasters, cold compresses and strappings. We also keep an incident record. Please note that no medication or creams can be administered to any child by anyone other than the parent or guardian.

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